Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global warming.. How much do we care?

Today, I woke up early in the morning. Not to say early, but earlier than usual.. At about 9:30am, I'm ready to go to class. Then, one of the cleaner said to me "Panas cuaca ari tok", which mean "Today is so hot"..

Yes, I'm not the only one feel that the Earth is warming, even in the morning, which in the past, 9:30am still consider ok.. We still can walk around without bringing along our umbrellas. If we could turn back the time...

I care for global warming! Yes, I CARE.. I can say it easily, but my actions do not reflect WHAT I'M SAYING. When I'm going out at night, I still left my fluorescent light ON! I'm afraid that cockroaches might be my room guests :-P The cockroaches seem to enjoy staying at my college, I don't know why..

If the cockroaches are cute like them... Hehe... Sometimes when I'm trying to kill the cockroaches (I HATE COCKROACHES!!), ridsect is my best partner.. Another source that cause global warming, aerosol..

I wish I could be more concern regarding GLOBAL WARMING.. Our Earth are heating and heating day by day. I don't want to see our Earth suffer due to our selfishness, She will pay us back later... I DON'T want these to occur:~

God gives us responsibilities to care for our Earth, but now, what the hell are we doing?

I care for GLOBAL WARMING, and I'm trying my very hard not to hurt my planet Earth. Walking alone will not help that much, togetherness is still the best policy to reduce global warming. I don't want to be blamed by my descendants. I don't want them to ask me, "How was polar bear looks like?" , "Why we need to use air-conditioning every minutes and every seconds?", "Why are we the one who suffer from what people in the past have done?" By that time, perhaps I will become speechless and only regretting on what we have done..

so...If you care...




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