Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's been a while!

It's been a while! 'A while' till i almost forget i do have a blog, too!

Kesian blog ku ini.. Kalau ia adalah makanan, lama dah berkulat, ber'fungi'. Pelbagai alasan yg menyebabkan aku tak update blog ini. Nah, inila antara faktor2 penyebab yg aku rasakan mmg betul, bukan rekaan semata2.

1. BUSY..mmg alasan yg smua org bagi, BUSY...alasan common katakan. Bila tak busy, aku prefer tengok movie, hanging out..duit, bila duit dah habis, mula la susah ati, mula la insaf, dah tak mau dah berpeleseran.. Rasa bersalah sbb menghabiskan duit parents, bukannya duit sendiri.. Tapi apa2pun, aku suka hanging out, esp kalau dgn hubby n geng kamceng, blum sbut lg kalau dgn family, t'utama kalau dgn adik2 perempuan yg sama sot! Bak kata uncle, x perlu duit pun kalau mau hanging out, ckup minyak keta jer..btul ke ckup? Uncle, window shopping langsung x best ler!

2. TAK CREATIVE. yer la, dah namanya tak kreatif, blog pun lebih krg sma dgn tuannya.langsung tak kreatif. tp apa2pun cuba yg tbaik la utk update blog..ada org baca atau tak, tak kisah...sendiri baca pun x apa....kott... (alasan bagi org yg blognya sgt tak menarik..p/s im referring to me, myself).

3. TAK ADA IDEA! Idea, mmg aku seorg yg selalu kekurangan idea..itula kelemahan aku, tak dpt dipertikaikan lagi..kalau idea, pengetahuan ku byk, aku tfikir mau buat novel...tp lupakan jer la hasrat tu yerr..

4. MALAS! Hah! Ni satu lagi alasan. MALAS! jgn tiru aksi ini...kdg2 ada juga idea yg dtg, tp MALAS mau tulis, lebih prefer update status di Facebook, kdg2 Facebook dah jd mcm diary pula..apakah~ Walauapapun, kena ingat juga, every minutes, every seconds mau update status, org lain rimas juga...jgn sampai dia hide kita dr wall dia pulak...every seconds nak cakap yg 'aku skrg kat sini, aku skrg kat sana, heading to somewr bla...bla...bla...', org naik menyampah juga...kdg2 gaduh dgn bf/gf pun mau announce dkat org ramai, banggala tek..bangga sbb gaduh?plsss...kdg2 ada yg mljuahkan rasa cinta, syg, dkat seseorg yg tiada akaun pun dekat facebook, mcmana la org tu mau tau? apa slhnya luahkan face-2-face ker, sms ker, baru org tu tau...well, account org, hak org juga kan..suka ati dia la mau post apa, even sy sndiri pun post ntah apa2..opppppppssss....zippp mulut mode on!

apa2pun, aku yg penting aku mau mengubah perasaan malasku ini terlebih dahulu, not for the sake of my blog.. tp bukan apa, kalau malas, smua benda pun x jalan!
^^ Time to change! ^^

Friday, March 26, 2010

Aqua biking release my tension, my sadness whatsoever

Aqua biking...ermmmm...INTERESTING! FUN! I forget bout whatever problems I'd faced.. Aqua biking involves riding a bike in a water, & it sure is a good exercise for our legs. I don't have any experience in aqua biking, so do my friend, Pres.

At first, we were really scared of falling into the lake. Eventhough we had wore life jacket, but still for a person who do not know the basic of swimming like us, were worried of possibility that we might fall into the lake. Seeing others falling into the lake while they were kayaking, frightened us. But we will never get the experience, until we try ^_^

While aqua-biking, i found it very hard to control the direction using the controller (I don't know the name). The aqua bike moved left and right uncontrollably. But after awhile, we used to it. Pres put so much efforts in cycling the pedal, and I was relaxing, enjoying the scenery from the lake.

I'm sure I will go for aqua biking again! It was fun!

L.I.F.E is just like that

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Global warming.. How much do we care?

Today, I woke up early in the morning. Not to say early, but earlier than usual.. At about 9:30am, I'm ready to go to class. Then, one of the cleaner said to me "Panas cuaca ari tok", which mean "Today is so hot"..

Yes, I'm not the only one feel that the Earth is warming, even in the morning, which in the past, 9:30am still consider ok.. We still can walk around without bringing along our umbrellas. If we could turn back the time...

I care for global warming! Yes, I CARE.. I can say it easily, but my actions do not reflect WHAT I'M SAYING. When I'm going out at night, I still left my fluorescent light ON! I'm afraid that cockroaches might be my room guests :-P The cockroaches seem to enjoy staying at my college, I don't know why..

If the cockroaches are cute like them... Hehe... Sometimes when I'm trying to kill the cockroaches (I HATE COCKROACHES!!), ridsect is my best partner.. Another source that cause global warming, aerosol..

I wish I could be more concern regarding GLOBAL WARMING.. Our Earth are heating and heating day by day. I don't want to see our Earth suffer due to our selfishness, She will pay us back later... I DON'T want these to occur:~

God gives us responsibilities to care for our Earth, but now, what the hell are we doing?

I care for GLOBAL WARMING, and I'm trying my very hard not to hurt my planet Earth. Walking alone will not help that much, togetherness is still the best policy to reduce global warming. I don't want to be blamed by my descendants. I don't want them to ask me, "How was polar bear looks like?" , "Why we need to use air-conditioning every minutes and every seconds?", "Why are we the one who suffer from what people in the past have done?" By that time, perhaps I will become speechless and only regretting on what we have done..

so...If you care...



My Thursday!

Woke up late!!! Again! Slept like a baby, but babies do not wake up late like me. They r better than me then. Huhu.. Then, I on my dear lappy, decided to continue writing my draft. Then, I ended up BLANK.
I cooked for my housemate and I.. Cabbage+egg..simple but yummy! Lapar katakan..

Only then, I took bath... How refreshing~

Ate together with my housemate, then planning on going to UNIMAS's clinic.. I can't stand this sore throat! Now, I need to SAY NO to COLD DRINKS, HOT&SPICY DISHES, FRIED DISHES, which are all my favourites.. KFC?KFC?KFC?

Then, I made She She Cao + Chrysanthemum hot drink.. Pres didn't seem to enjoy it. Air ubat katakan..

and don't forget..HOT WATER


Credits to my housemate, Ho, for introducing this drink to me.. The flower can be eaten ya.. Pres seemed like enjoying how the flower taste.. Haha

Now, it's time for me to continue writing draft, or maybe enjoying Korean drama also a great idea.. ermmmmmm...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking of the future..

In few months later, I'll be graduating from UNIMAS. Hopefully I can graduate successfully. Nadai repeat2. Ngai ku repeat aaa.

I'm still in dilemma, either I want to find a job 1st, or doing my master. There are pro's and con's between them. And sure, if that the path that we choose, no regretting! Just go on, no turning back.

Find a job:

- I don't think I'm ready for job's pressure, I better be pressured by assignments rather than a work! Kununnya la

- I think I'm not competitive enough. Lots of every-sem-got-dean-list students will also search for a job, will I be able to compete them? Seramm~ But, as long as I'm confident, I will be able to do that, hopefully..No! Still got hopefully at the end?

- Once I got a job, maybe I don't want to do master anymore.

Do master:

- Dad said' "If you're able to do master, go ahead then". Am I able? Working all the time in the lab? I hope so.. and again 'Hope'.

- Everything needs money.. Doing master also need money, and where do the money come? No idea~

If I'm able to find a job, and at the same time, doing my master, how great my life is ^_^

I'm new to blogspot.com n willing to learn more!

The story begin... :

One day, my sister text me, asking me to create a blog for her and I wondered why, and what for? I just create for her, without knowing anything about blogging.

Few months later, my friend text me, and asked "Dik bc blog?" (Do u hv any blog?) I replied "Ndai. Ndai masa ku ka ngaga blog" (I don't hv any time to create a blog, precisely to do blogging).

I wondered why everyone so obsess with blogging, and now I wanna try it
MYSELF! I don't have much free time, but I'm sure to spend some quality time with blogging. Quite difficult to start as I'm not really interested in designing the blog whatsoever~

So, those who are expert in blogging, do give me some opinions and interesting ideas as I'm not familiar with blogging.

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