Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Thinking of the future..

In few months later, I'll be graduating from UNIMAS. Hopefully I can graduate successfully. Nadai repeat2. Ngai ku repeat aaa.

I'm still in dilemma, either I want to find a job 1st, or doing my master. There are pro's and con's between them. And sure, if that the path that we choose, no regretting! Just go on, no turning back.

Find a job:

- I don't think I'm ready for job's pressure, I better be pressured by assignments rather than a work! Kununnya la

- I think I'm not competitive enough. Lots of every-sem-got-dean-list students will also search for a job, will I be able to compete them? Seramm~ But, as long as I'm confident, I will be able to do that, hopefully..No! Still got hopefully at the end?

- Once I got a job, maybe I don't want to do master anymore.

Do master:

- Dad said' "If you're able to do master, go ahead then". Am I able? Working all the time in the lab? I hope so.. and again 'Hope'.

- Everything needs money.. Doing master also need money, and where do the money come? No idea~

If I'm able to find a job, and at the same time, doing my master, how great my life is ^_^


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