Friday, March 26, 2010

Aqua biking release my tension, my sadness whatsoever

Aqua biking...ermmmm...INTERESTING! FUN! I forget bout whatever problems I'd faced.. Aqua biking involves riding a bike in a water, & it sure is a good exercise for our legs. I don't have any experience in aqua biking, so do my friend, Pres.

At first, we were really scared of falling into the lake. Eventhough we had wore life jacket, but still for a person who do not know the basic of swimming like us, were worried of possibility that we might fall into the lake. Seeing others falling into the lake while they were kayaking, frightened us. But we will never get the experience, until we try ^_^

While aqua-biking, i found it very hard to control the direction using the controller (I don't know the name). The aqua bike moved left and right uncontrollably. But after awhile, we used to it. Pres put so much efforts in cycling the pedal, and I was relaxing, enjoying the scenery from the lake.

I'm sure I will go for aqua biking again! It was fun!


Evlyn Lemok said...

Apuu..lawa nuan ney Cass. Kati procedure ka aqua biking nya? Kati ka minta kebenaran ka ngena utai nya? Slalu ku meda org biking ba unimas lake. Mcm bez ja peda ku.

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