Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Thursday!

Woke up late!!! Again! Slept like a baby, but babies do not wake up late like me. They r better than me then. Huhu.. Then, I on my dear lappy, decided to continue writing my draft. Then, I ended up BLANK.
I cooked for my housemate and I.. Cabbage+egg..simple but yummy! Lapar katakan..

Only then, I took bath... How refreshing~

Ate together with my housemate, then planning on going to UNIMAS's clinic.. I can't stand this sore throat! Now, I need to SAY NO to COLD DRINKS, HOT&SPICY DISHES, FRIED DISHES, which are all my favourites.. KFC?KFC?KFC?

Then, I made She She Cao + Chrysanthemum hot drink.. Pres didn't seem to enjoy it. Air ubat katakan..

and don't forget..HOT WATER


Credits to my housemate, Ho, for introducing this drink to me.. The flower can be eaten ya.. Pres seemed like enjoying how the flower taste.. Haha

Now, it's time for me to continue writing draft, or maybe enjoying Korean drama also a great idea.. ermmmmmm...


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